Friday, 27 April 2012

Pub Cats!

How cool is this!

Some fantastic person has started a website to praise the pub moggy!

As most should have guessed I am a cat fan, I like dogs too but I share my home with three cats. One of which is my avatar on the web, the black and white monster in the top right hand side of this page.

Pub cats website is aiming to create an interactive map showing where pubs are that will provide feline company to go with your pint. The gentle company of a cat, unlike the pub dog who is just after your crisps, the cat is only (usually) after a head scratch and a quiet place to curl up next to you for a nap...


Sadly pub mogs are a rare breed these days, even if I can think of a few pubs in the City of London that desperately need one to stop the hoards of mice! I heard though the hopvine that the cat of the Seven Stars Tom Payne is no longer with us which is a shame, he was a lovely character and didn't mind the ruff!

Last pub moggy we saw was in Battle in the Kings Head, a small black longhair who settled down for a nap with our table. Love to see more of them.


  1. Cats often insist on trying to sit on my knee, which isn't good news as I'm allergic to them. No, I don't to be sneezing while supping my pint.

  2. Ah yes cats will do that to people who are allegic to them. I'm sure Zeb deliberately fur covers anyone who even looks like they are sneezing because of him.

    On the plus side this website could give sufferers a heads up as to if there is a cat on the premises.

  3. Tiger piss is an effective deterrent for cats. If you don't want to use that try Old Spice.

    Lynx Africa has the opposite effect

    The Davidoff stuff the treacle got me appears to attract all manner of scary creatures.