Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Rogue Ales' Mocha Porter

5.3% abv

My second beer from Rogue, thanks to the Cask Kitchen & Pub bottle sale. Their timely sale (to create space in their massive fridges) allowed me to buy a few nice bottles for home drinking.

The beer itself pours quite lively but settles down quickly to a deeply coloured glassful, dark brown beer with ruby flashes and a deep tan yellow head. Very attractive looking drink indeed.

You can smell the coffee immediately upon pouring the beer and it is almost overpowering, in fact the smell is more powerful than the taste of the beer, which itself is coffee with a subtle dark bitter chocolate kick to it. I don't drink much coffee if I'm honest, because I dislike instant crap and only drink expresso when in a coffee place. This delivers on the coffee front nicely although as I mentioned it is a strongly scented beer.

The body of the beer feels a bit thin especially when compared with the Chocolate Stout but well within porter territory, feels a lot like most of the Kernal beers I have drunk in the past.

I still prefer the Chocolate Stout to be honest but this is a good beer in its own right. So far I am really impressed with the two beers I have tried from Rogue.

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