Sunday, 12 February 2012

Ridgeway's Bad King John

6% Abv

This was the winner of the Sainsbury's beer hunt last year, for a little while they sold in almost all their stores a cracking range of more unusual beers. The winner was to be kept on after the hunt had been voted on. Sadly despite the sales being quite vigorous it didn't persuade the supermarkets to provide more choice in their ranges.

I enjoyed the beer, it has a lovely bitter fruity taste but it's let down by the weakness of the flavour, compared with Fuller's London Porter the taste just didn't last long. It also has a remarkable water like mouth feel for a beer of its strength, it just didn't really grab me. Those are the downsides to it, but the taste is pleasant just not particularly powerful.

Its well worth a shot, if you fancy something a bit darker to drink. It's more a mild to my mind than an ale though.

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