Sunday, 19 February 2012

Marks And Spencer's Belgium Wheat Beer

Beer brought by me, review by The Husband

4.5% Abv

Ah the old name 10 Famous Belgium game, well being a (rubbish) guitarist Django Reinhardt is an obvious option.

Name 10 famous Belgium beers well that's a bit easier. Today's one is Marks & Spencer's Belgium Wheat beer which is apparently brewed by the Huyghe Brewery of Pink elephant fame.

It pours cloudy like most wheat beers & has the classic aroma of the type..

As someone who likes this style of beers (the wife doesn't) it's certainly a fine example of the breed never losing that initial sweetness, the taste is that of a classic Wheat beer, for better or worse.

If you enjoy this style of beer then I recommend you give this one a try, if you don't then I can't see it converting you. Like that other famous Belgium Hercule Poirot it has a sense of style that either appeals or seems far too fussy.


  1. Have I misunderstood? Django Reinhardt rubbish?

  2. I suspect the Husband doesn't like him but I'll check as his writing and musical taste vary a lot from mine,

  3. Sorry I meant I'm a rubbish guitarist, The brackets obviously didn't clarify that. Djangi is of course superb! Sorry about that.

  4. I love a beer called Blue Moon but have trouble finding it anywhere. Got this today and it might be my amateur taste buds but it tastes remarkably similar!

  5. Fullers pubs sell it as part of their normal bar range and some supermarkets such as Tescos sell the bottles. :)