Sunday, 26 February 2012

Rammstein & O2 Desert

Last Friday was the London Rammstein concert, which was brilliant! One thing Rammstein are good at is putting on a cracking show. Pyro, lighting and the other tricks of the trade meant it was a two hour show which just flyed. The band and support band (Deathstars also very good showmen) put on a flaming, diamond dusted, gold show, it was the venue that wasn't up to scratch.

Sadly, it was at the O2, great idea for a venue but sadly lacking in atmosphere, you wander from a nice indoor street to a concrete waiting pen. By the time we got in, we did feel that instead of being wristbanded they could have cut the middle out and just tagged us though the ear. Also the music venue is sponsered by Stella 4% so no concert beer for me, not a problem but the Cidre which was also being served was unbelieveably chemically smelling that you knew if the person next to you had been drinking it. 

However at least we had nice beer earlier as we went to the Greenwich Union a short bus journey away. Fantastic beer from Meantime and a burger that could fell a lion, we didn't need to eat or drink at the O2 apart from a quick lime and soda in the Slug whilst waiting for the crowds to thin so we could get into the tube.

All photos in this post are by me, so if you wish to use one, please ask.

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