Saturday, 3 September 2011

Great Northern Beer Festival

Every year I have been a blogger, I see posts about this beer festival and how great it is. One day I will head further north than York* and go to this festival, probably next year as this year's meagre holiday allowance has been booked up with trips with the other half.

This makes two beer festivals up the other end of the country I want to get to, this means I must steel my girders to face the most trying of experience known to bloggers....... The national rail system..... Oh gods.

Note: I was emailed to ask if I wouldn't mind posting the poster on my blog, I have no problems with this, as said I have never seen a bad review of this festival so it must be good. Just jealous that it's up north and I can't make it this year. :(

* Just been told York is further north than Manchester, I have no directional sense apart from being able to find a open pub anywhere.


  1. I was about to correct your geography too, until I read your post to the end.

    To set your trembling heart at rest, there are now direct trains from London to Manchester and - more importantly - Liverpool. We dispensed with the last ox carts taking fearful travellers from Watford Gap to the North a few years ago. And you don't need a passport or anything.

  2. You mean we don't get a whippet once we cross the border? :)

    My sense of geography has always been very bad, I did History at school instead. :)