Friday, 30 September 2011

Do You Know What Your 'Child' Is Up To?

Those who read this and are parents... well do you?

This is meant in an aggressive manner. I run and having a half marathon next week means I needed to get in a 10 mile run last night. What is a hard run for me was made harder by the feral brats that live on my estate in Essex.

Name calling I can ignore, you think I haven't hear taunts about my glasses or size before? Maybe I would prefer the comments to be more witty but as their favourite pastimes seem to be abusing others I guess education is at the bottom of their list.

However shoving and attempting to trip a runner... seriously where do they get off? I note their bravery in doing this to a SINGLE FEMALE runner was not so tough when it came to two men running. Combined with name calling this is called bullying, something that if it happened to them their parents who be first to yell and scream about.

The fact is my run ended at 9pm last night and children as young as 4 years old were still out and being encouraged by the morons from earlier to yell out abuse including c***, and yet no parent came out to get their children in or to challenge this behaviour just tells me that if they can't hear their child over the TV then it doesn't matter what the heck they are up to in my town in Essex.

Thanks to these little bullies I had to run a weird route in an dim lit industrial estate instead, not something any woman would do especially after dark but somehow that was safer than running in a well-lit housing estate.


  1. In my running days, I occasionally faced abuse, but when you're a 6' 2" male, it's rather less threatening than it would be for a woman.

    Sometimes the comments are boring but inoffensive, like "Hup - two -three - four" as you trot past, but for some reason you can get quite unpleasant abuse. Probably merely a consequence of their own empty lives.

  2. It's dark in the evenings so confidence levels for the brats is high. I just don't understand why the parents don't seem to care what they are doing. I would have no problems in reporting them and some of them must be over 16 already judging by size.