Friday, 26 August 2011

New Brewery Launch

London Fields Brewery are holding their launch for the whole of this coming Bank Holiday weekend which will include 3 new beers and a lager, so if you around and are looking for something different then head along to Hackey.

I should be heading along on Sunday, personally I can't wait to try 'Love not War' which was apparently brewed when they were locked in against the riots.

For more details:


  1. Sounds interesting. Wrong end of the country for me though!

  2. Strangely I did get an email from a lady about the manchester beer festival (run by SIBA?) on Friday. I thought that would be good for you guys up north :)

    We seem to be doing well for new breweries down here at the moment.

  3. A few new breweries have opened around here too in the last couple of years. The SIBA festival in Manchester was a few months ago, but there are several CAMRA ones on the region, our own Southport Beer Festival
    being in September.

  4. I've just realised the SIBA event a few months ago was the regional AGM, which included a small festival. The SIBA Great Northern Beer Festival runs from 27 to 29 October. Sorry.

  5. Ah, that matches with the poster I was sent. :)

    Unfortunately a bit far for me to come, especially as I have used up my holiday for the year :(