Monday, 15 August 2011

1648 Brewing Co

At the end of July we ended up in Eastbourne for the Lammas Festival which is held yearly, nice weekend out with gorgeous weather on the coast so far so good. Even better was the beer tent which was next to the stage, mainly serving 1648's beers with a couple of other breweries such as Darkstar. :)

Very nice brewery with a good selection of styles of beer, Bee-Head (4.6%) was a lovely soft tasting beer with a hint of honey coming though on the end. I liked this style of honey beer as it never tended to the beewax taste that so many do such as Waggledance.

Other great beers were Ginger No1 (4.2%), warming but light. Rather like a gentle Crabbies Ginger Beer, more refreshing in my eyes. However it was Warrant (4.8%) the porter which really caught my tastebuds to be honest. It packed a nice punch with it's intense nutty coffee flavour, despite the heat of the day it didn't overwhelm the tastebuds but just matured nicely.

Of course we could sample these without trying their Lammas Ale (4.2%) which is brewed for this festival, fantastic and I just wish we got their beers up here in London/Essex! We had a great time sitting listening to music and drinking good beer over the sunny Saturday and Sunday just a shame the weekend had to end so quickly.