Wednesday, 10 November 2010


OK Chaps pay attention, I know how much you all enjoy the lady wife’s missives but I feel the need to interject.

For those of you who are unaware we currently 10 days into Movember , what’s Movember? I hear you cry.

Well Movember is when we chaps spend the month attempting to look like Cooking Lager’s profile picture while raising money for the fight against prostate cancer, all with the support of the good lady of course.

Further details on this splendid event can be found here

Wonderful stuff but you are of course here to read about beer and so I won’t disappoint you; the splendid chaps at The Warwickshire Beer Co. ( are supporting Movember with a special edition pump clip designed to raise awareness of Movember in pubs across the country. A contribution from every pint sold is going to support Movember so look out for it.

Should you wish to support this correspondent’s effort his MoSpace page can be found here

We now return you to your regular programming.


  1. I will be taking the next photo of him with this lip weasel so it should be better than his mobile phone ones!!!

  2. Is that a real pump clip? What a great idea.

    I'm prevented from participating in Movember by my darling wife. Oddly my brewer's beard is allowed, so I guess I won't complain.

  3. Yes it is, I'm hopig we will go in a pub serving it so I can get a picture of him with a pint infront of it. :)

  4. I recently (and carefully) played a 19th century French guitar. As there was no label inside it, I asked the owner how he knew it was French. "The bridge is moustache-shaped," he replied. And so it was. That would complete your photo.