Thursday, 4 November 2010

Brewdog American Double IPA

9.2% ABV

As stated before I don’t really go for overly hoppy beers but this was at a price that was reasonable for a try. I do wonder though if this is Hardcore IPA under another name, as the style of IPA and the alcohol percentage is exactly the same. However Hardcore is £2.39 and not available around here, so I can’t do a comparison. Not that I wouldn’t pay £2.39 for a beer before anyone says anything, I just prefer one more balanced than a hopped for hell one.

It pours into quite an attractive drink, deep golden liquid with a fluffy light golden head which stays until the last sip. It smells of syrupy hops to me with a citrus edge, I didn’t get candied orange peel as was suggested on the bottle but a fresh citrus scent. First gulp wise I got a big whack of hops and alcohol tempered by the syrupiness that I could smell, however as I drank the sweetness disappears totally and it gradually just gets more and more bitter. This is quite a challenge to drink and if I’m honest its one that I couldn’t say was necessarily a worthy one.

The alcohol taste is harsh, which I do wonder if after a year’s or so aging would improve and soften out. It is to this end the other two bottles I brought are safely tucked away, hidden from cat paws and thirsty beer drinkers alike.

If this is Hardcore IPA under a different branding then I can’t see the reasoning behind doing this, it isn’t an easy drink and I doubt it would win many fans without the ‘Brewdog’ brand to temper its taste. Guess we will find out if the Finest labelled version ends up on special!


  1. What a con. It's not American, it's from Scotland.

    How dare people have a go at Stella for knocking Belgian lager up in Wales when these con artists are knocking up "american" beer in Scotland.

  2. i think your assessment pretty much matches my own, its interesting but too one sided. I also, as its 3 for £4 currently, am going to put them away hopefully it'll calm down abit.

  3. @Arn:
    That's what I'm hoping, good news is they were quite cheap so if they don't calm down then it's not alot of money wasted.


  4. My local Tesco only had two of these left, but I thought "OK, I'll get something else to make up the 3 for £4 offer." Unfortunately, they have two confusingly similar 3 for £4 offers, so I ended up with something from the other one and paid full price :-(

    More a beer to respect than like, I think - but I did get an initial nose of candied orange peel.

  5. It's a bugger when that happens, usually it happens to me when I do a big shop so I don't realise until I've got home.

    I'm not convinced about the respect part, if a beer ends up as something to drink because it's 'respected' rather than because it's a good beer then I think it doesn't deserve to be respected. Just because you can stuff a beer more fuller with hops than anyone else doesn't mean it's going to be a good beer.

    But I have admitted I'm not a hoppy hop beer fan, however like olives I will try them every so often to see if I can get the taste for them. Getting there with the olives, beer I'm working on.

  6. CL: more shocking news for you - Wychwood beers aren't made by witches.

  7. I've just cracked one, and as a beer judge, I can tell you this isn't a great example of the style

  8. Anonymous, I wouldn't know to be honest. I'm not a fan of overly hoppy beers and as such I have tended to avoid them. I am now starting to drink them so until I get more experience (hard life drinking beer I know) then I can't judge if it is a good example of not.

    What would you recommend as a good example of this style for me to try?