Thursday, 18 February 2010

Wandsworth Beer Festival

This was an excellent event back in October, my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in lovely surroundings and with the beer on offer. So as you can imagine I am looking forward to this March’s event to socialise and of course for the chance to try different new beers. Being more organised this year I decided to have a peruse and organise what beers are going to be my “Must-Trys”…….

and here is the problem……… I want to try near as possible the whole list! Just look at some of what is on offer;

Milton Cambridge's Minotaur Mild
Atlas Kinlochleven’s Latitude
Lymestone Brewery’s Stone Cutter
Twickenham Fine Ales’ Sundancer, Spring Ale and Grandstand
Skinner’s Ginger Tosser & Keel Over
Allgates’ Napoleon’s Retreat
Naylors Crosshills’ Pinnacle Bitter
Rudgate Brewery’s Odin’s Raven
Leeds Brewery’s Eager Owl
Titanic’s Lifeboat
Cathedral Ales’ Red Imp
Bushy’s Brewery’s Manx Pride
RCH Brewery’s Pitchfork & Old Slug Porter
Atlas Brewery’s Equinox
B & T Brewery’s Easter Eggstra

You can see my problem here, there are some great beers there. Luckily I will be going again with friends and we can try each other’s choices but at the moment I have only knocked 4 off the festivals lists as beers I don’t want! This isn't a bad place to be as we all know, but there is a high chance I will be standing at the bar with a manic expression trying to decide on my next half. So if anyone spots a short female with a crazed expression it's not alcohol that has done it but too much choice.

Choices, Choices! Looks like another great festival and I can’t wait!


  1. Melissa Cole knockoff-

    Why, why, oh why??? Why have you entered the blogger scum sanctuary? Does the world really need another beer blogger?? The bases are fully covered with various goons. Ripe fruit, marzipan, citrus, malt laden, blah, blah, blah. If you fancy writing, wouldn't a children's book be a better option?? Just trying to help.


  2. If you don't like it then don't read it. I am confused why after this comment you have decided to follow my blog though?

  3. I like your blog. Keep it up. I'd like to see a review of common or garden louts instead of all this pongy ale and I'd prefer to see cleavage than a cat in your profile. Top stuff, keep it up.