Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Bath Ales – Barnstormer

ABV 4.5%

First off I will say this is an excellent name for a beer, it certainly raised a smile for me. I like a good name for beer, one that's amusing but not awkward to ask for in a pub.

Now the beer! This is a medium dark beer which pours from the bottle without much of a head and what it does have it loses fast apart from a fine line around the glass because of this it isn't the most attractive pint but it really delivers in taste! The barley malt smell that comes off the pint is very appealing and it backs this up with a nice bitter dark chocolate flavour in taste. It is fruity but more in a stolleny (without the marpizan) flavour rather than fruit as such, in fact this reminds me in taste of the dark chocolate stollen I made at Yule.

It is a rather morish pint and very drinkable, I prefer a pint with a lower ABV for a session beer but this is so tempting that it could end up on the list.

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