Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Sink the Bismarck

I haven’t really said much on the alcohol hot topic as many better bloggers than me have put some very good points out there, but today comes the news of Brewdog’s latest beer ‘Sink the Bismarck’ and at 41% it has already raised the heads of Alcohol Focus Scotland;

‘Over the past few months BrewDog have continued to produce stronger and stronger beers. By commenting on this irresponsible brewing practice we only serve to add to their marketing and therefore we have no further comment to make.’ From the BBC website

No doubt many more will be commenting on this but how many will see the point of what Brewdog are doing. They are creating beers which are finely crafted and they come at a price, these beers come in Brewdog’s customary 330ml size and cost an amount which makes most of us think about it.

I could understand the controversy if they charged £5 - £10 per a bottle but let’s face it £35 for a 330ml bottle in the case of Tactical Nuclear Penguin is hardly something anyone thinking of getting drunk for the sake of getting drunk is going to buy let alone the new one which according to the brewery is going to be £40 for 330ml.

A majority of supermarket deals make 750ml bottles of SPIRITS cheaper than Brewdog’s strongest beers and they are easier to get hold of too. These controversial beers are not sold in supermarkets but at places which do limit the amounts brought in a sensible manner and from this I am confident that the online buying of this latest offering is going to be as sensible and sane too. I wish though that they would brew a decent tasting low percentage beer as well as these stronger beers, that end of the spectum they have barely scratched the surface.

So in conclusion what we have is a brewery creating very strong beers which are priced to reflect what they are. There is a difference between a cheap supermarket bottle of vodka which costs £5 and a bottle of U'Luka costing £55, likewise with these beers.

Edited to add; Both 'Taking the beard out of beer' and 'Pumpclip Parade' have the right idea that the only real reason to be annoyed is the really bad naming of the beer.

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