Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Meer Not Meh!

Yes I have had a few awful pints but I won’t moan about it until it has been followed up with the same again. If a beer is brewery awful or a pub can’t manage a cellar for toffee then I will moan about it here but for one offs I really can’t see the point. It is easier to order another pint and enjoy my past time.

This is the point of this blog for me, I enjoy drinking good beer and going to pubs. Part of my whole enjoyment is sitting in the pub with a good pint (or half) and people watching, occasionally I actually talk to folks but usually I will sit at the bar and enjoy a pint and the surroundings. And this ladies and gentleman of the internet is the reason why I started this blog, to share my enjoyment of something with others.

If you enjoy something there is no reason why not to share and let others who like similar things find new beers and places to try out.

I admit my tasting notes for beers are foody but that is because I do compare things with tastes I have experiences of (ie food and drink). Maybe one day I will lift a beer to the light and describe the appearance with ‘spring like meadows’ and then take sip and compare the beer to ‘earth-scented loam’ but it is unlikely. Sadly the children’s book is unlikely as well although it was tempting to write a post/story on Bully Blogger I just can’t write that way either.

Even when I have more experience and find more stuff to negatively meh about I still hope this blog will be primarily positive meer!

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