Wednesday, 30 January 2013

On the Offer of Stouts...

Is it just me or when you are offered stouts that they should really have more than Guinness?

This has happened to me a few times over the wintery season, that and finding the only beers available are summery citrus beers instead of warming stouts, porters or even roasty milds. Ok, I know that if the pub's client base are more likely to buy IPAs then that is what you are going to want to sell but surely there is room in your range for a different guest?

Guest beers seem to be mainly similar to the main range too. Maybe it's me...


  1. Join the beards, they have old man mild and tramp juice months. Create a month for whatever gut rot floats your boat.

  2. It is hard to sell stouts to pubs, though we definitely sell more in Winter.

  3. @Ed - Yes, I've had your stout via bottles in a pub which was very nice indeed.

  4. Not just you. I quite regularly find myself in free houses with >10 hand pumps with nothing on I actually want to drink...

  5. It always amazes me just how conservative many pub landlords are when it comes to choosing what beers to stock. During the winter months the sight of a dark ale, such as old, porter or stout on the bar is definitely a huge plus, so far as I am concerned.

    Things do seem to be improving slowly, in the part of Kent where I live, with Larkins Porter, Harvey's Old appearing quite regularly. There is definitely a market for darker beers at this time of year, and if more landlords would push the boat out a bit more they would find it not only beneficial, but might actually attract some new customers into their pubs.