Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Orkney Brewery's Dark Island

4.6% ABV

This ended up being beer of the day for January 1st, we had headed to the pub for a relaxing lunch but ended up having both lunch and dinner whilst chatting and enjoying the first session of 2013.

To be honest, I don't normally rate Orkney Breweries beers mainly as each time I have had them they have never been kept particularly well. Not a fault of the brewery I agree before anyone comments thus, but kudos to The Falcon in Clapham Junction for doing well in not only keeping it well but over a barrel change as well. This time the beer looked good and tasted good too.

Tastewise this is rather quaffable for me, chocolately carmel flavours with a slight coffee edge, I didn't get the fruit and figs that Orkney mention on the website but as someone who can be a bit funny about the fruit in beer thing this is not a problem for me. It does have a good aftertaste of coffee hops which I enjoyed as many of the bitters I have been drinking tend to finish suddenly tastewise like lager which isn't what I'm after when drinking beer.

Good beer and now I can see what some have been saying when they mention these guys.


  1. Yes, it's a nice beer.

    There is also a lovely folk tune called Dark Island.

  2. If you can get the raven ale it is well worth a punt. They also took over Atlas Breweries in Kinlochleven. So hopefully with two sites they can address the transport issues.

  3. Yip - unless I'm in Scotland I tend to grab bottles. In saying that I think Sinclair now own more breweries - so it will all be good.