Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Christmas Paradox 2012

15% abv

Brewdog Special

This was part of my christmas present haul after a not so subtle hint on twitter to my other half. :)

First off, if you don't like rum then really don't try this. The rum really comes though with the raisins sweetening the whole beer wonderfully, the smell is quite powerful and as someone who likes their dark rums this is fine by me.

The beer itself pours completely opaque with a deep tan head that soon disappears leaving a very faint lacing, it has as you would expect from an imperial stout a nice body to it. The alcohol itself doesn't really come though despite both the abv and the rum aging but it is strong tasting and flavoursome so more a sipping beer.

All in all, one of my best presents. :)

If you are quick there were some of these left online.


  1. Has it got a "ring pull bottle cap" like Tuborg? Thought not.

  2. Darn! I knew they had missed a trick there!

  3. What's it like after 8 pints?

  4. Whilst my hubby thinks I actually don't have a liver more an alcohol processing plant in my body, one bottle is enough in an evening! :)

    I also suspect two bottles would strip your taste buds out, it is quite strong.