Monday, 26 April 2010

Hook Norton Bottles Out to Fullers

Well done to everyone who did the marathon, you are all stars whether you ran, wheeled, walked or crawled it!

The London Pride bottle went great guns, outstriping the Hook Norton bottle by 10 minutes at mile 13 and the gap widened alot by mile 22. The Fuller's bottle even had the strength to wave and smile at folks ..... well done that bottle!

The morning started for me at 7.45am getting to the mile 13/22 for my partner's charity's cheering point, we got soaked at 8am by the heavy downpour but once the rain stopped we had blown up the banging sticks and were proceeding to enact various Star Wars and Errol Fynn fight scenes which warmed us all up. A hot cup of tea and a quick breakfast before the start of the race with the disabled runners at just before 10am and then the elite girls and guys half an hour or more before the main bulk of the runners. It was a long day until 4pm when we finally could tidy up, let the kids who had been trying since 12 have the balloons they were attempting to nick and head off to the pub for a well learnt drink and meal.

As well as all the runners, well done to the cheerers along the whole of the route. You give so much support to all the runners and make it easier for them.


  1. We want pictures of this battle of the bottles! Where are they?

  2. Unfortunately I have none myself *sob* I was photographing the runners for the charity I was cheering with and in typical luck there was always a Whizz Kidz runner either just ahead of the bottles or behind. :(

  3. Apparently the Hook Norton was a lady which may explain the 20 minute time difference.

  4. Well done to the pair of them though, Hook Norton bottle completed in 4hrs 54mins and Fullers bottle in 4hrs 35mins.

    Amazing achievement.