Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Rebel Brewing Co's Surfbum IPA

3.5% ABV

Not convinced it is an IPA as it is too light in both ABV and hops but what it is to me is a refreshing pint. Sunday was stupidly hot, too hot for my usual darker beers so I wanted a hoppy beer but likewise as it was Sunday I didn't want anything too strong. 

The hops are very much at the forefront but this beer is expertly done with enough hops to be morish and refreshing with a tang of bitterness but not too much. This would be great to drink on the beach with a picnic watching the sunset.

Note, not after surfing... there is no chance of me doing that!

I hadn't heard of this brewery before, it was a lucky find at a off licence near a couple of friends house.

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