Friday, 13 June 2014

Rebel Brewing Co's Other Beers

All in all these beers have been stunning, well-done, and a really pleasure to drink.

Cornish Sunset 
4.0% ABV

This was just as refreshing as Surfbum, with a lovely soft caramel note to it. Again would work well with a BBQ or picnic but also just to sit and enjoy the back garden with.

Eighty Shilling
5.0% ABV

Nice lighter style of Scotch Ale, for me this was the weakest of the bunch but given how fantastic these beers are, its still not a bad thing. It could have have done with being stronger for me with more sweetness to balance the heavy liquorice I got on the taste.

Penryn Pale Ale
4.3% ABV

This was my last beer from Rebel and again a lovely pint. 

Hoping to get some more of these in again soon.

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