Monday 21 April 2014

Brodie's Bunny Basher Festival 2014

Well, it has been a long time since I last blogged. Mainly due to training for the London Marathon and giving up alcohol for a month and a half plus general laziness on my part.

However, I'm back again and to kick off I went along to the Bunny Basher festival in Leytonstone, I have been to a few of these and they are nice friendly festivals. Staff and customers are enthusiastic plus a nice selection of beers which change over regularly.

Highlights for me were the Elizabethan, the Big Mofo Stout and the Bethnal Green Bitter. Firstly the Elizabethan at the high percentage of 22% abv, again this was as good as previous years, rich and warming like a good sherry. The big Mofo Stout is a collaboration with Mikkeller, normally I am not a fan of this brewery and find their collaborations with Brewdog dull or just undrinkable but here they worked with Brodie's to produce a morish raspberry stout! I didn't get the liquorice notes but the big stout chocolate with the raspberry tang worked very well indeed. The Bethnal Green Bitter was palate cleansing after such big beers and nicely refreshing.

At the festival I wasn't surprised to see the single hop beers although personally I think they are interesting but not really for me. But the various different versions of the Kentish Town brown IPA were lovely and the Nut Brown version just pipped the others to the post of favourite out of them.

I had a lovely afternoon of beer and conversation, perfect for recovering after the marathon the previous weekend.

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  1. maybe give up this exercise milarky if it's interfering with the boozing, yeh?