Friday, 19 October 2012

Pumpkin Beers

But no recipe in this post....

One of the American special, or should I say, seasonal beers I enjoy the most is pumpkin beer, not a beer we tend to do over here or in the case of the one time I saw a UK bottle in the supermarket we don't do well. Give us fruits whether it be raspberries, blackberries or another berries and we do a fine job at putting them into beer, fair enough it's not normally my taste but I have drunk a few that have been good, my husband loves fruit beers though and he isn't normally disappointed by these offerings.

Pumpkin beer isn't something we see a lot of over here, I really like Brooklyn's version when/if I see it at Halloween. I'm guessing because it is a seasonal our guys don't have the time behind them at perfecting the ideal pumpkin beer, it should be slightly spicy but sweet with the slight note of roasted pumpkin or at least that it my ideal one. The American brewers have had years to get their recipes right, pumpkins were used by the first lot of brewers over there to brew beer so it is a traditional beer style for them, we over here had over things to use.

We don't get that many over here in the export market either but then I guess it is an unusual beer to us British, Brooklyn's Post Road being the only one I have found in the last few years and this year so far locally none.

If you spot a pumpkin beer give it ago, you may not like it or you may just find yourself another lovely beer to enjoy.


  1. Aldi are now selling Wychwoods 'Pumpking', my first pumpkin beer, very nice too!

  2. I don't fancy the sound of pumpkin beers but perhaps I should try one rather than prejudge them.