Thursday, 11 October 2012

Beetroot Beer

Or another of your five a day...

1 lb beetroot
0.5 lb malt extract
0.5 lb brown sugar
1 gallon water
Yeast (I note there is no quantity for yeast... This could be interesting)

Wash and slice the beetroots, place into boiling water and cook as you would do normally, then strain the liquid onto the malt extract and sugar and stir to dissolve, let it cool down to yeast happy temperature then drop in the yeast and ferment for three days, siphon and bottle. But you have to let it settle in the bottles for ten days before drinking...

Plus side you have cooked beetroots for making a salad with!

Boak and Bailey mentioned on twitter about vegetable beers, they probably have books with these sorts of recipes like I do. Sadly I can't find the carrot beer recipe though!

Again it is all a bit Good Life but still with the financial situation being what it is, homebrew I suspect will be making a comeback.


  1. I used to be a home brewer and usually had about 200 pints on the go at any one time. One batch of 40 pints brewing, one clearing in the bottle, and the remaining three maturing. We lived in a house with a big cellar in those days.

  2. I can't say it sounds all that appetising, but then you won't know until you try. Wonder if something interesting would result from using, e.g., blackberries as a base along with malt?

  3. Or some kind of chocolate extract, beetroot and chocolate cake is actually amazing.

  4. I made gallons and gallons of this last christmas. Added some ginger and finished with hops. Gorgeous!!