Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Twenty One B&B

Now I know this is normally a beer blog and it will always be, but on my last stay in Brighton my partner and I stayed at the fore mentioned Twenty One B&B and it is a rather fantastic place!

Brighton has a lot of lovely places to stay and they are all good but this place knocked the spots off them and all the other places I have stayed in over the years. Firstly our hosts made sure everything was perfect for our arrival, the pictures on this post do not do the room or tray of goodies justice mainly because I forgot to take the pictures in the daytime but last thing before mistake there!

The rooms are small compared to London hotels but as per most B&B's in Brighton it is a converted seaside residence and this is a standard Brighton sized room which we are used to having stayed in Brighton before on numerous occasions. However the rooms are very very comfortable and beautifully decorated.

But look at the tray:

Rose not included, I brought at the train station for my hubby!
Yes, we had a cake stand, chocolate, biscuits and nuts as well as plenty of tea and coffee, its the tea I worry about as a big tea drinker normally I have to pop to the shops on my holidays to get more tea bags to satisfy my habit but not here. The nicest thing was on the next day after wandering around the town seeing friends I headed back up to the B&B so I could drop off some books, all the time walking there I thought... "I'm having a cup of tea and one of those Tunnock Carmel wafers*" but when I got into our room I found a note saying that they hoped we were enjoying our stay and that they had left cream stones in the mini fridge for our afternoon tea. It was a brilliant touch.

The breakfasts are also out of this world, firstly we were brought over a warm croissant just to tide us over whilst we decided on what cooked breakfast we would like. Then we partook of the cold buffet which was outstanding, before the most gorgeous cooked breakfast came out. We didn't eat lunch all the time we were in Brighton as we were too full from such yummy fare.

I highly recommend this B&B for all your Brighton staying needs!

*Oh yes, not just your bog standard offerings in this place but Tunnocks Carmel's and teacakes!


  1. When in Brighton for conferences, I often used to drink in the Evening Star. Have you been there?

  2. Yes, it is lovely pub and handy for the station too!