Monday, 16 July 2012

"Sorry, The Board's Wrong

Hope you don't mind it's a weaker strength beer."

One of the more unusual comments I have received whilst ordering a round in a pub but it did happen this Sunday.

The Falcon near Clapham Junction station is a fantastic pub for a drink before departing homewards bound after a lazy walk on a Sunday and as many know it does a large and varied range of beers. After a wander around the pumpclips I decided to have St Peter's Mild which has I had seen the clip I knew what I was getting but the barman assumed I was ordering according to the big board they have up which had overstated the abv by 2%.

This got me thinking, now from the barman's comment it sounds like folks regularly pick their beer by strength displayed o0n the board. Odd way of doing it surely though?


  1. Why didn't he just correct the board?

    Strength is a factor for me. I rarely buy beers below 4%, because to my taste they tend to be thin and lacking in body. My favourite strength is 4.5% upwards (but not indefinitely upwards).

    However, I've worked at a lot of CAMRA beer festivals, and there is a minority that deliberately chooses the strongest beers available: the old Barrow-in-Furness beer festival was the worst I've come across. While there were quite a few social drinkers there, the aspiring drunkards would end up sliding under the tables by 9.30pm. Mind you, if you see Barrow, you'll understand why.

  2. I suspect because he was a shorty like me and couldn't reach. It was changed later by a tall member of staff I assume when the guy came on duty.

    True, I forgot about beer festivals I have seen that happen too. I admit I usually have the strongest beer I fancy early on in a festival so I'm not tempted by it later.

  3. If I have the strongest beer I fancy at a festival and I really like it, I'll still be tempted by it later.