Monday, 12 March 2012

B.O.R.I.S. The Crusher

By Hoppin’ Frog Brewery
9.4% Abv
£40 table of Beer
Whilst in general I do dislike some names and pump clips they are mainly to very crude but when they tend towards amusing and fun then I do actually find myself reaching for them. BORIS was a suggestion from the barman at Brewdog Camden on Saturday; a nice touch the guy came and found our table to check what I thought of the beer.

He need not have worried, this is a fantastic stout.

The initials stand for “Bodacious Oatmeal Russian Imperial Stout and it will crush you like no other stout!” according to the blurb on the Hoppin’ Frog website. I wouldn’t go as far as crushing personally, as it is a very easy drinking stout with the smoothness that oatmeal imparts with a fair whack of roasted coffee beans with cocoa nibs.

I will correct this to the right way when I get home tonight!
 Looks wise, it pours with a cola type fizz which settles out quickly in the glass to a inky oily looking beer. The smell is incredible, just in pouring the beer you get whacked with the flavours but in a very pleasant way. By the time you take a sip your mouth with be watering, the taste is just like the smell.

My tastebuds remained uncrushed, for me; if a beer crushes them then you may as well tip it away and have a glass of water but BORIS performed brilliantly. At no point did it fail in delivering a smooth but intense hit each sip.

Actually it is way too easy a beer, at 9.4% it has that full mouth feel and intense flavour but it slips down very nicely. This was the last drink of the afternoon for me in the bar; I went home happy but slightly merry.


  1. If you can afford Brewdog Camden prices, any chance of a 20 note sub till pay day?

  2. Cookie, I'll happily lent you 20p which is what I have until payday which sadly is the last day of the month. :(

    I think I come under Boak and Bailey's 'Zealot' defination for beer drinkers.

  3. Not a sequal to Boris The Spider, then?

  4. I'm a big fan of Hoppin' Frog beers - look out for their Bodacious Black & Tan, it's also fab.

  5. @RedNev :)

    @John Clarke It's the first one of their beers I'll tried and I'm already impressed. I'll keep a look out for that one. Really I should order some more beers off the internet but I actually enjoy sitting in pubs drinking.