Wednesday, 14 March 2012

2/3's of the Way There

Reading Pub Curmudgeon's blog post on schlooners got me thinking about what happened on the weekend. We were drinking on Saturday at the Brewdog Camden, they have boards written up with the various beers and prices per servings. Prices in this bar are not per the pint but per the serving size they indicate on the board so for example Punk IPA was price per pint but Dogma was priced for a 2/3 schlooner.

And you know what......

People didn't mind.

No customer minded the serving glass size, if they wanted a pint instead of a schloonerly two thirds then the staff did let them know the price would be y instead of x if the board price was for a different size to what was ordered. But other than that, most people just ordered via the 'Can I have that beer' and let the bar decide the serving size. This is good for us customers as some beers are very expensive as pints but 2/3 glass size that work out better and this also works well for 6% beers I found.

The brewdog schlooners are nicely designed and to be honest then my husband came back with one for me I did think for a moment he was handing me a pint until I realised the glass was thinner.

These glasses don't immediately mark you out as not drinking a pint, but this really only matters if you are bothered by peer pressure. Personally I have found as a female you can, in some dark aged quarters, get stick for drinking out of a pint glass but meh! It says more about them than you.


  1. We've never had a problem with 'price per serving', especially when travelling. If a Belgian thinks 330ml is the right serving, who are we to argue?

    Pints are are just the right serving for most English session beers, but, actually, it would be ideal if I could have a pint and Boak could drink 2/3rds. We tend to get out of sync pretty easily.

  2. I have nothing against 2/3 pint measures, although I don't know anywhere that uses them, but I'll stick to pints. But if I want a half for any reason, I'll order that with no feeling of embarrassment or distress. My friends joke & threaten to take pictures to blackmail me if they see me with a half, but that's just friendly joshing. I'm surprised that women can still get stick for drinking pints, but most of the real ale drinking women I know would give such Neanderthals their answer. Long gone are the days when "ladies only drink halves" was the rule - propelled into history at much the same time as men-only pubs and bars.

  3. Same here Nev, apart from the Brewdog place I haven't seen any other pub advertising them. Quite liked them as it goes, my husband certainly did.

    You still get the odd comment from men in pubs, if I drink in my local on my own I used to get the odd look.

  4. An attractive, petite female friend of mine at college in the 70s claimed to be five foot tall, but I think she was at least 2" shorter; she only drank pints. If we were all out drinking in Warrington, the local town - very old-fashioned even then - the old fellows in the pubs used to be amazed seeing this tiny girl (as they doubtless thought of her) down a pint with the lads. We never heard a negative comment - more along the lines of "if I was 40 years younger", especially when they saw she'd get her round in!