Saturday, 7 January 2012

McMullen Brewery's Firefly

4% ABV

First post of the new year, currently sitting in my favourite local with a couple of pints of the new seasonal from the local brewery. Like pretty much all of McMullens beers this comes as a very attractive pint with a full fluffy white head.

It is a lovely light golden brown bitter, quite fruity flowery tang on the first sip. It remains a lovely looking pint to the last drop as well. Looks do count in my world whether it is a oily stout which has just a thin lace around the glass to the last or a bitter with a fluffy head, these details count towards my enjoyment of a beer.

Firefly for me is a refreshing bitter, light and thirst quenching with a pleasantly fruity favour which doesn't overwhelm the beer. However it does have a weird smell, fruity sour which is no reflection on the taste of the beer, the same brewery did Beerberry last year as a seasonal which was an awful fruit beer and that had this smell too. A minor bad point for a lovely light session beer.

It is very easy drinking and when I was on my first pint without knowledge of it's ABV and I would probably put this at 3.2, and I was proven wrong at 4%.

Ah well I need to improve my beer-fu this year.


  1. Sorry for the original 'blocck' of text, it appears that Blogger used on ipad doesn't like putting in paragraph breaks. Grr

  2. Beer Fu in Urban Dictionary: "The ability to engage in physical combat after drinking copius amounts of beer. A predominantly north American martial art practiced in back wood taverns, at bachelor parties, and at NASCAR* events."

    * National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing

    Sounds alarming - is this the beer scene in London nowadays? You never read about it in Tandleman.

  3. Well, didn't want to mention backstreet beermat fighting but.....


    Actually I didn't know beer-fu was a serious concept. Learn something each day!