Monday, 30 January 2012

Brewdog Camden

One lazy conversation on a Sunday morning on how we always say if we have a spare weekend we will go to x place but never do meant, that instead of heading straight home, we headed out to Camden to try the only Brewdog bar in London.

My husband in his youth was a goth and thus spent many a weekend in Camden and it's shops and markets, this in mind he spent a good twenty minutes bemoaning the amount of standard chain shops and lack of atmosphere it now has. I can see his point, I last came here three years ago and to my eyes it is becoming rather bland.

Thankfully the Brewdog bar wasn't bland, many bloggers have mentioned the industrial feel..etc.. to the bar so I need not do so myself. We arrived just as the bar staff were re-writing the beer lists on the wall, nice to see a changing beer list from the previous evening's tweet to the next day's beers.

First beers were Blitz, a hoppy bitter which was only 2.8% and more flavoursome than some 5%ers we have tried, only critism from me would be if they can brew such a great lower abv beer then what was the excuse with Nanny State other than to brew an undrinkable beer? The other was Riptide 8% which was highly enjoyable stout but not as good as my second beer which was Chris from Stone's Stout 10.2% and blooming gorgeous!

We sampled our way though a fair number of the beers on offer, all of which were brilliant in their own rights, some we preferred to others and so on. Food at the bar is good but the pizzas and cheese & meat platters are better than the burgers. Sorry guys, but chips or wedges would be a welcome addition for us too especially for sharing amongst friends.

Brewdog have got a brilliant bar on their hands here, pricing just couldn't be faulted either. We got to try some beers that we had our eyes on without taking out a mortage with their pricing measures working on price per size. The staff are certainly some of the most friendly folks I have met behind a bar in a long time. Their suggestions for other beers were spot on, I got to try Lost Dog (fantastic suggestion by the barman) for £4.50 and the Stone's Stout was £2.50 both for a 1/3 pint. Getting to try the beers first before buying without needing to ask was lovely too.

Can't wait to head up there again.


  1. Hmm, £4.50 for a third of a pint is a bit steep even for a strong beer in London! How much is a pint of Punk IPA?

    Do they use and promote 2/3 pint glasses, btw?

  2. Well a 330ml bottle of Lost Dog is about £8.95 so about .02p a ml, a pint at the bar would cost £13.50 and is 568ml and works out to .02p a ml too so I consider it fair. :)

    From memory I think the Punk was 3.65-3.95, didn't order it to be honest but yes they did have some of the beers up ascost per 2/3 so they are using the glasses but again didn't have any of them.

  3. Sorry, Meer, but those prices sound very steep to this Northerner!

  4. Lost Dog goes for £11.99 round these Leeds parts. While I agree that $4.50 seems a little much for a third, it is still a London bar, and still a Very strong beer aged for a very long time in Rum casks.

  5. Personally I think the pricing was spot on based on the price per ml bottle vs 1/3. Having said that I am used to London prices and we have had the £4 pint for a long time now depending on part of London and what you are drinking.

    I loved the fact I could try these unusual beers at both a reasonable price and size for the strength. Nuclear Pengiun and Bismark were on offer at £6 for 25ml which was reasonable to me too.

  6. Plus I am a sucker for an attractive glass so the teku glasses these beers are served in are wo derail too. :)