Thursday, 6 January 2011

January’s Jolly Offerings

I sit here smugly knowing I didn’t gain any weight over the festive period, mainly thanks to going to work for three days of it. Whilst people pitied me for having to go in I knew better, I was always from the cheese board and biscuits and thus weight gain though stilton mountains was not going to occur.

However as per many a person I do want to continue to lose weight this year so running shoes are firmly on in the evenings and many a cutback of cheese delight has happened this month already. As we all know everything in moderation is fine so…this leads us onto more seasonal beers;

Allgates Brewery’s Mad Monk 7.1%
Rebellion Brewery’s Overdraft 4.3%
Loddon Brewery’s Firsty The Snowman 4.2%
Oakleaf Brewing Co’s Stokers Stout 5.0%
Ossett Brewery’s South Pacific IPA 5.0%
Sharps Brewery’s Winter Cornish Stout 4.3%
Darkstar Brewery’s Hophead Amarillo 3.8%

Cheese and beer matching won’t happen here though.


  1. Dairy Lee has a "light" variety if you are trying to shake a pound or two.

  2. Asda low fat cottage cheese? Mind you, it doesn't make good cheese on toast.