Monday, 25 October 2010

Fullers’ Trafalgar Ale

5.0% ABV

Fullers’ late October seasonal ale which I was lucky to find on pump at a otherwise rather dull birthday drinks on Saturday. According to the Fullers website this ale is brewed with molasses for sweetness and it certainly very syrupy feeling pint. It coats the mouth in a lovely lingering way with the sweetness giving way to the marmalade bitter.

This ale does remind me a lot of ESB, which as one of my favourite beers is a winner for me. It is a sweeter pint than most but not cloying as some molasses brewed beers can be. It doesn’t really keep it’s head at all but it is such an attractive colour the appearance doesn’t suffer from this.

I would recommend this seasonal to everyone whilst it is around and I certainly will be enjoying it myself.


  1. molasses ? Cheap adjunct beer? Stick with maize and rice.

  2. Rice? Ohhh there's an idea, I reckon it would be perfect to go with crispy chinese duck and rice. Nice idea for a food pairing Cookie!!

  3. CL food and beer matching! Whatever next? He'll be seeking out Brewdog and Thornbridge next.