Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Eat, Drink & Take Responsibility

Apparently according to our hard working researchers, real ale is better than red wine for you. With it not affecting levels of homocysteine (a chemical linked to heart disease) whilst red wine raising the levels by 8%. And for us ladies half a pint of real ale contains a quarter of our daily intake of silicon which could help prevent osteoporosis.

Great news for now, but with all research be it dieticians doing it or scientists this is only current for the moment. Like the good news over red wine or certain vegetable benefits it won’t be long before another study (possibly funded by a wine company or by a government misery group) will put the downers on these possible health benefits.

Personally I take these studies with a big pinch of salt, figures can mean anything you want them too. I should know working in the accounting field myself this small fact of life.

Health benefits are great but like many health benefits doing them to excess doesn’t mean they do you any better usually the opposite. Too much exercise can be worse than no exercise sometimes and this is the same with food and drink benefits. Eat and drink what you want but always take responsibility for your own actions and decisions.


  1. I agree entirely. That's why I get fed up with constant attempts to brainwash us about units, binge drinking, and so on. To the government I'd say: give us the information and then sit back and let us make our own decisions. And don't pretend increasing beer duty is for the good of our health and admit it's just another form of tax.

  2. I agree they should be honest and say we are increasing tax but it's unlikely to happen.

    Part of the problem is the blame culture that seems to be becoming the norm. I take responsilibity for my actions, if i get a hangover or I gain half a stone on holiday then it's because I drank or ate too much. But you see the folks who want to place blame on others, so they are a victim as it's easier.