Friday, 4 June 2010

A Touch Bitter?..........

According to the latest London Drinker, the brewer from the Pitstop Brewery in Stove has brewed the world's most bitter beer although this is subject to verification from the Records people. The beer called 'The Hop' has 323 international bittering units (IBUs - always wondered what that stood for and now I know) which is more than the old holder of the record 'Devil Dance Triple IPA' that has 200.

Now I can understand to a point why this was brewed possibly as a technical exercise to see it could be done (the article mentions it was a result as a challenge from the brewer's pal) but surely no-one really enjoys drinking things this bitter? To me it comes across a beer which even if it gets on a 'Must Try before You Die' list will only be drunk as conversational piece or rather that is to say so that the drinker can boast they have drunk it. I can't imagine it being recommended on taste to prospective drinkers or may be that's just me?

I also have a question that does it count if the hop extract Isolone is used as it is bitter, surely the bitterness should come from the hops used not an extract. I know this probably does show my ignorance about brewing but to question is how you learn. Meanwhile I will hit the books and see if I get the answer that way.

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  1. Making the most bitter beer is to me like making the strongest beer: intriguing but ultimately pointless. I wrote a couple of postings on strongest beers in February: