Wednesday, 2 June 2010

June's Jolly Brews

Time has come again for a brief round-up of gorgeous beers that are only available for June;

Kelham Brewery’s Parklife 4%
Loddon Brewery’s Summer Snowflake 4.1%
Rebellion Brewery’s Green Shoots 4.4%
Matthew Brewing Company’s Midsomer Pale 4.5%
Tom Wood’s Brewery’s Fathers Pride 4.5%
Hook Norton Brewery’s Cotswold Lion 4.2%
Fullers’ Mr Harry 4.8%
Darkstar Brewery’s Summer Solstice 4.2%

Rebellion I see also do a beer called Zebedee, same name as one of my cats…Must see if they do this as a bottle for cat & beer photo op! Plus the little drinker will no doubt try and stick his nose into the glass. Ah the fun of the Spring/Summer months where glasses are at the right height for your pet to nab some.

Cats aside, I note my beer and running diet is coming along rather well. Just need to find a stockist for the dress I want.

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