Saturday, 12 December 2009

Moorhouse – Black Cat

ABV 3.4%

I have to confess to enjoying all of Moorhouse’s beers I have tried, quite happy to work my way merrily down a line of them as I did at the Wandsworth Common Halloween Ale Festival a couple of months ago. However I do have a soft spot especially for this one, it lovely for a session drink due to its low abv but it is also packed with taste.

Smoky burnt chocolate nib taste which finishes with a light bitter end which lingers well. Not tried this from a bottle as luckily for me as one of the pubs near my partner seems to have it quite regularly and as a cask beer it works beautifully. It doesn’t retain a head for long, normally disappearing before you even finish paying for the pint but that is not necessarily a bad thing, I don’t buy for the foam but for the pint after all. Considering this is a mild it is very dark in colour with the usual ruby red hints when lifted to the light and this can lead to some confusion if people assume this is a stout type affair if you are getting them random ale in a round. However I do make it my goal to get more people trying this, after the confusion most have succumbed to its subtle charm.

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