Saturday, 12 December 2009

Fullers – Jack Frost

ABV 4.5%

Very surprised I liked this, normally I dislike fruit beers intensely but here the blackberries enhanced the beer rather than being the focus of the pint. The brewery website describes it as having a ‘dash of blackberries’ which unlike the way of fruit beers this one is not sweet (or sickly as I prefer to call it) but dry and works really well with the hoppy bitterness which develops.

The pint itself is a beautiful rich red-brown colour with a good head and a lovely malty toffee smell on it. I love the way that the fruit doesn’t whack you around the taste buds but instead you have to hunt for it yourself only to find it was here all along entwined with the other flavours. Gorgeous and I recommend you try this before it disappears at the end of January; it is certainly one I will be keen to try again and again.

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  1. Just had a bottle myself today. Liked it a lot. I liked the fact that the fruit wasn't overpowering too.

  2. The blackberries are blended in to enhance rather than dominate which is nice. I can't understand why more people don't like it than like it on blogs.