Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Stewart Brewing Co - St Giles

5% ABV

We have been back from Edinburgh for a couple of weeks now, it was a glorious trip which involved beer, history, whisky and a lot of a rather lovely meals. Safe to say we will be going back despite the East Coast train cock-up on the way back.

This beer I enjoyed first at Edinburgh Botanical Gardens, the restaurant there is rather nice and of course doing Scottish beers helped to ease sore feet from the trekking around the gardens themselves.

It pours a dark cherry brown with a fluffy head which lasts down the glass despite reminding me of the head you briefly get from lemonade, didn’t get much of smell from the beer but it was served very cold. The flavour improved as the beer warmed up, not the breweries fault but it is an unfortunately fact that most drinks fridges are kept too cold. Firstly it tastes of dry roast barley which as it warms is softened by an underlying toffee note; all in all it is rather morish.

Luckily the bar we went to later had bottles of this too so I was able to enjoy a couple more of these. Shame we didn’t see it on tap but you can’t have everything.

For more info: www.stewartbrewing.co.uk

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