Monday, 1 July 2013

Crawley Beer & Folk Festival


First off, we had gorgeous weather the whole weekend for this. Saturday was wall to wall sunshine and Sunday was the same apart from a stiff breeze, this just helped make a lovely weekend even better to be honest.

Whilst I like folk music I don't know a lot about it, generally I turn up at events with friends who are far more knowledgable than I and listen so music runs as it was good fun, music was great and inspiring...I want to learn either the tenor banjo or a mandolin now.

The two bands we saw on the stage above were Touchstone, whom I have seen before with friends although here I think they suffered with the small stage as there is a lot of them to squeeze in. And the other was called Branched Arc who were a mix of folk, bluegrass and rock, extremely good band playing their own songs and a couple of traditional tunes. For most of the festival we sat under a tree near the beer tent (hard life) and listened to the Busker's stage which was new acts just playing about three or four songs, some were very good indeed and others so-so with nerves I think.

The beer tent was well run with cheerful staff although it got absolutely rammed by 4pm, sunny weather and a free festival bringing out lots of people. In terms of beer not much for tickers if I'm honest but a nice easy going selection for you to sample whilst listening to music. Copper Top from Old Dairy went down very well until they sadly ran out, as did Proper Job from St Austell. There was of course cider on offer in the varying strengths, I tried a couple of half pints of Wobbly Munk and Heck both of which were lovely but at those percentages just a tad high for any more than that for me.

If you are around Crawley in June then next year I would say go along, it's a lovely day or weekend out.


  1. Glad you liked the Copper Top. :-)

  2. It's a lovely beer for a hot day :)

    Everyone agreed though so it ran out early on