Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Southern Tier's Old Man Winter Ale

7.2% ABV

If I'm honest so far I don't think I have had a bad beer from these guys, from the first which was a couple of years ago at the White Horse Old Ale festival to this one a couple of weekends back at the Cask.

Billed as a winter ale so I was surprised by how thin this seemed despite the relative high ABV, the burnt brown sugar top note and the almost candied orange finish hid the alcohol well but this is served inb small bottles so unlike the Burnburner which is their barley wine there is no chance of polishing off a large bottle then wondering why the world seems a more cheerful place.

Again like all of Southern Tier's beers this looks good in the bottle and the glass with it's deep amber colour and light lacing on the sides.

Whilst I am not so sure about the winter ale billing, this is still a rather pleasant beer and unlike it's stable mates of Mocha, Java and Burnburner it does finish quite cleanly so your next beer isn't muddled with this one which seems a bit damning with faint praise but it is a good beer.

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