Monday, 12 November 2012

By The Horns Open Day

Chilly morning on Saturday but that wasn't going to put us off heading to this microbreweries open day.

Neither did the bruises from falling flat on my face just yards from the OH's front door, but I was in need of good beer to help me feel better.

And By The Horns provided that good beer, first off for me was the Coffee Raspberry Stout, the raspberries were very soft in this, just coming though as a soft aftertaste. It was the coffee providing the bigger kick with a strongful scent to the beer and amazing flavour although I did feel this was more a porter than a stout maybe because the mouthfeel was a bit thin.

My OH went for Wolfie Smith, being a Tooting boy he just had to. I was only surprised by the lack of Citizen Smith puns. It was a lovely bitter but my tastebuds were being ravished by the stout still so I can't remember much apart from it tasting good.

Hopslinger was pretty much my favourite of the afternoon, this could be remade into a stunning barleywine I feel but in its current form it is still a great beer.

By The Horns are slowly appearing all over London, if you see one of their beers then give it ago. For such a small brewery they have already done some amazing beers and look set to continue this!

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