Friday, 14 October 2011

Badger Brewery's First Gold

This was the beer that I got as part of my goody bag from the Half Marathon on Sunday. I do rather like the new labels for the Badger beers although I'm sure that the Blandford Flyer was just Blandford Fly before.

The beer itself is a nice light bitter with a smooth citrus finish, at 4% it would make a nice session bitter. It pours quite lively with a fluffy white head which does last until the end, very attractive drink indeed. This would have been a nice bottle to open on that hot Sunday after the race had I not been so knocked about. Maybe next year.

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  1. Yes, I liked this one. Not so aggressively sweet as so many Badger beers can be.

    And yes, Blandford Fly was the name - but that's not nearly the worst recent example of Badger meddling with their own creations, as you can see here -