Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Why I Like Pubs

By Meer for Beer aged 30-odd years old

Just thought I would write about the good things about pubs instead of reading about pubs closing or going downhill. Pubs are great places when the balance is right, with good management from the landlord who is backed up by a good brewery or just a good landlord in his own freehold.

I like the way that they all have their own personality stamps, well all the nice ones do. Yes, some breweries are ‘upgrading’ their pubs into wine bar type affairs but the ones which are busy day in and day out I have seen are ones that have that independent feel to them. For example The Harp or the Cask Pub & Kitchen in London both have a unique and independent vibe despite being totally different pubs. The Crown in Waltham Abbey is brewery owned but is a more relaxed pub which is different to the other same brewery pubs in the area.

Pubs I go to on a regular basis have good staff and rarely have a duff moment, I like the smile hello you get when you come in the door even if you aren’t a regular and the fact that I can if I want have a coffee in peace without someone’s child under my feet unlike the local cafes. I love being able to sit with a pint and a good book and be left in my own world.

Beer is always served in good condition without any input from me other than asking and paying for it, no storing bottles carefully because of sediment and pouring carefully, just a foaming pint of beer in my hand ready to drink. Brilliant.

Just a few reasons why I like pubs.


  1. Can't disagree with much of that, apart from the coffee drinking bit. A nice timely reminder that it's not all doom and gloom in publand.

  2. It's not brilliant out there but it is better than first glance.

    Coffee in pubs is lovely, normal filter black coffee with no frills.