Thursday, 30 December 2010

McMullen’s Stronghart

7% ABV

This has been my Christmas tipple of choice this year, quite a lovely strong warming bitter for the season. Currently it is only available in bottles, which my local landlord liked as he could keep selling it whilst keeping the full range of their other beers on the pumps. Something I agree with too as it happens, this way other beer I fancy isn’t punted off the pumps, always a winner.

It pours quite lively with a tan coloured head and rich dark golden brown appearance. On the nose it smells of sweetness and spices which after the first alcohol hit in the taste comes though in buckets. Highly enjoyable in its bottle form but I would love to try it on cask just taste the difference although I could see why bottle would be better as your pubs can order smaller or larger quantities depending on their customers taste.

It is also a lovely pint when topped up with a bottle of McMullen’s very own Pale Ale, bitter and pale ale who would have thought it. :) Certainly a winter warmer even if a bit lethal, it was this combining which meant I slowly drank in the pub but it was worth it. I like being able to have a pint or half of something stronger within a session on a cold winters evening and this is a great drink for it.

Possibly another beer for the aging process I feel, if it lasts that long. In either case it’s a case of Stronghart in the online shopping basket, shame they don’t sell their Pale Ale online too.

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  1. "Possibly another beer for the ageing process." Surely you're too young to be worrying about that yet!