Monday, 2 August 2010

August’s Astounding Refreshments

Being as the weather continues to be summery what is needed for that long evening is a suitable beverage and as usual our brave brewers continue to bring out specials for this last summer month;

Rebellion Brewery’s Deflation 4.2% (Complete with very dodgy pumpclip)
Darkstar Brewery Dark Star Triple 8.5%
Loddon Brewery’s Check Mate 5%
Harveys Brewery’s Armada Ale 4.5%

There are others but to be honest rather than a serious list (or my do to list as my partner calls it) this is more to knock the squirrel down the page. A slight bit of pessimism in this post I guess, I can’t make it to the Great British Beer Festival due to wedding plans having taking all my leave for this year. Hopefully next year I will get to go to my first GBBF, as so far I have been to small festivals which have been great but I have wanted to do this one for a long time just never managed it.

To finish on a more positive note, I really like the symbol for the festival especially the lion’s face.


  1. I had a few fine pints of Dark Star Meltdown in the Anvil in Wigan last Saturday. £2.25 per pint, and just the job on a sunny day, although after a while the sun suddenly disappeared and it chucked it down, so we scuttled indoors!

    I worked at 2 GBBFs when it was held in Leeds. It's a much bigger festival nowadays, but it was still fun then anyway.

    I trust your wedding reception will be in a real ale venue.

  2. It is indeed in a real ale venue, one of my definates for the whole wedding.

    I enjoy the smaller beer festivals alot, it just seems whenever I plan to go to the GBBF something happens to spupper it. Suspect if I did get the time off and make it to the doors I would be hit by lightening before making it inside. :-/

  3. A predeterministic fem-ale drinker? Interesting! I've not come across one of those before.

  4. Well, if you can't make the GBBF, there's always the Southport Beer Festival!

  5. ~sob~

    Clashes with my wedding!

    But it does look very good indeed. :)

  6. In face of adversity (yes I am being dramatic) I will make my own beer festival from the beer shelves of my local Sainsburys and Morrisons. No rarity beers but I think I will survive. :)