Thursday, 6 May 2010

What the Heck have I done?

A friend of mine has been running for some time and I admire this, especially the get and go required for early morning runs in rain, sleet and snow. So on her suggestion about about running I thought I would have a go.

Well 5am is a very peaceful time, just you and the odd cat and fox are around, plus side to this is that foxes and cats don't tend to point and laughter at a very unfit runner heaving herself around the estate. Downside.... well it is 5am in the morning.

Emboldened by the relative success of my run (ie I managed to run half a mile) I promptly signed up for the Adidas Women's Challenge in September. So I have to get from half a mile coughing and spluttering to running just over three miles in what I hope will be a smooth effortless style by then.

Oh dear.


  1. Just imagine there's a lovely pint waiting for you at the finishing line! Or even better, arrange for one to be there.

  2. :) I was thinking that would be good or arranging to go out after the race for a drink and a meal for recharging purposes of course as beer is very good for you.

    Wonder if they have fun runners in this race, if so I could be chasing after a outsized bottle of beer. :D That would make a fun picture for the blog!

  3. "I could be chasing after a outsized bottle of beer". Wouldn't your partner say, "So, what's new?"